I Don’t Have Time Syndrome

All of us want to create new habits, but we generally don’t, sometimes because we fear that we could not continue it and we just don’t start. Some of us go ahead and create new habit irrespective of the insecurities. Some succeed and some fail.

That’s not the point.

Think alternatively , the interesting thing is that we don’t keep track of our bad habits.

Think about it.

How many time you have spent on

  • Browsing YouTube and Facebook endlessly
  • Watching nonsense movies.
  • Endless political debates which you already  know that are nothing but absolute crap.

the list is endless.

And then they say that they don’t time.

The point is we do all these things and don’t keep track of what we are doing and then we complain that we don’t have time to have a new habit.

I say it’s bullshit, all of us have time, and actually it’s not about time.

It’s about setting priorities in our lifestyles.

We must change ourselves and creating new habits, because habits are the baby steps to change ourselves.

I suggest you to have a constructive new habit in your life and I promise you that your life would change.



3 thoughts on “I Don’t Have Time Syndrome

  1. This is a reminder I need to come back to all the time. I don’t have a facebook account but endless youtubing – completely relate to it! Gotta make changes!

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