God Works in Mysterious Ways

We should give advice to friends all the time, and we should suggest for the things we really believe into.

Let me tell you what I mean by this through an example.

Couple of months back, I was discussing a serious topic with one of my friends in TCS. It was Saturday and hall was empty, and a very beautiful solution came out after the discussion on the problem.

I was so excited about the solution that I suggested my friend to write about it to the Prime minister as an open letter. I was concerned that since we have a solution now we can let everyone know about it to make it happen for real, otherwise we would forget about it next day and it would all go in vein.

I suggested various blogging platform to my friend and he was also very serious about it. I explained the pros and cons for doing this and I believe I became more excited than him.

From next day, I started writing and have been doing this since then.

I learned something in the process which is, “I was really genuine about the suggestion and I really wanted him to do that, and then it changed my life altogether”.

Indeed God works in mysterious ways.







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