The Big Short

I was extremely exhausted today but then I had one movie on my laptop which was recommended by my friend, whose recommendation I really care about.

“The Big Short”, I know there is no clue in the name that would reveal what this movie is about.

This movie is about The Housing Crisis, the one that shook the world.

My father talked about it so many times during that time that I got really fascinated about it and went ahead to find more about the crisis on the internet. But then I got confused mainly because I had very little knowledge at that time and it takes some expertise to extract information out of Internet.

My father is a genius I remember him talking about the crisis with my relatives and how it was going to affect India and neighboring countries, I only remember that he totally knew what he was talking about.

I wish I could spend some more time with him.

Back to the movie now.!

Let me be honest with you if you want entertainment, this movie ain’t for you.

Since it is based out of sheer facts and incidents, there are tons of jargons used in this movie and you might find it boring, but only if you are not interested in the Housing crisis.

If sometime you think that something is wrong and it seems nobody is caring and you have an intuition that you are right and you just can’t explain it to other people, if something like that happened to you chances are that you might enjoy the movie  and starts relating  to it.

To tell you the truth, I am going to watch it again not because it’s entertaining but because I want to understand what happened and I still am not able to understand it to fullest of what happened (it is really complicated).

One thing I would like to remark about the movie is that, apart from the crisis and all, the movie revolves around the connections.

Let me put it this way..

This movie was all about the connection. You have to change you perception to see that as it might not look straight forward.

The housing crisis proved that everyone could be wrong, and I am still understating this fact. You have watch the movie to get an idea of what happens when all the geniuses of the world are wrong.


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  1. To short a stock is to sell it (even though you don’t own it) and buy it later to satisfy the sale. Investors do this when they think a stock will go down in value. In essence, they are “selling it short” which is where the movie title comes from. In this case, the amount of money involved was very big.

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