Are You Following The News.?

Generally I restrain from sharing bad news,  but couple of days back I posted a story covered by one of the leading publishing house.  To my surprise, I found that some people are conscious about the information that I shared and they shared some of the relevant details about the news. To tell you the truth I was prejudice of that information at that time.
Today, I got to know that the news I shared was complete bullshit, I have seen that happen to many people but it happened to me for the first time.

As I always write about that we are living in an information age, the data that has been published every hour is more that the books that have been written since centuries. However, with this tremendous amount of data comes lots and lots of garbage.
Credibility was never more important than now. For example I have completely lost my faith on the news media that shared the story. I strongly believe that it’s our responsibility to recheck and follow through what we have said in the past.

The good news is that with this amount of information at our finger tips we would easily find the right information given that we use the tools that are available to us.

So now we have a choice, we could either be a part of the garbage with constantly pushing data into the internet without thinking about it or  we can do nothing and crib that every thing is wrong in the system(this is worse) or we can act like a filter to the garbage and contribute our part in this huge system.

Thank you Aditya sir for consciously following the news. We need more people like you.


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