The Office Boy “Siraj”

Lately I have been working in Jamia Millia Islamia, as a freelance Full Stack Web developer.
I have to tell you, there is a drastic change in working  culture from a multinational companies to educational institution like Jamia and it’s really different environment altogether and I kind of like it.
There is office boy, whom I meet on daily basis and he is the one doing the office chores from file handling to providing us tea and biscuits. I find him very happy and always in  joyful mood, however I never had a chance to talk to him till today.
Today, I got to know about his story, his business adventures, the mishap and his family responsibilities.
I had seen many people say that humans are like iceberg, meaning only one tenth part is visible and is above the surface, rest is hidden below the water.

It can not be more true with this guy.

I loved his attitude towards life and the way he had dealt in the past.

It’s really important to talk to everyone as you might get a story that you would never forget and also we should never prejudge a person because there’s always a story behind a person and it’s worth listening too.


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