Why You Should Read

Our wisdom lies in our interactions, it lies in getting knowledge from people we meet, books we read and experiences we had in the past.

So our wisdom is bound by knowledge of people around us, and that is why it’s very important to surround ourselves with smart people.

But then it would put you in a difficult position as you might say that, I am not surrounded by smart people and how would I improve my position.

Well, lately I have been interacting with a very small numberĀ of people, and to tell you the truth, these are the people I really love and care about, and certainly they are not smartest of all.

So how am I learning ?

I have this huge stack of books on my computer, that I read everyday and things couldn’t have been better. Knowing that I could have all the information I need from the books is a feeling that is irreplaceable and it has given me so much power that I never had in the past.

I find reading books more rewarding than to meet people whom I don’t like.

We should always prefer knowledge over gossip.





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