The Power of Writing

Writings are very valuable, it would eventually surpass everyone of us.

All of us reading this text would not be here in this world after 100 years or so, but the writings and the foot prints of ourselves which we have created in our lifespan would retain even after our departure.

Currently I am reading a book “Autobiography of A Yogi”  by Yogananda Paramhansa. He is not in this world but the wisdom that he has left in his writings would continue to change people’s life till the end of the time.
In his book he has mentioned that he stopped meeting people when his demise was near and started giving more time to write his book, when people asked why is he not meeting that way he use to.

He replied, “If I would meet people and I would change couple of hundreds of lives but if write about my life, it would change millions of lives.”

That’s so true.

That is the power of writing.

Nobody has seen Shakespeare, Aristotle, Abraham Lincoln and other people like that.
They were not the most beautiful people in the world
They did not posses inhuman strength.
But they left us a legacy, they shared their secret in their writings and we all remember them, and we would continue to remember them till the end of the time.

We are mortals and time bound but our creations can be timeless.

Vedas are the best example, (the Hindu scripture from ancient history), we don’t even know who wrote it, but it is preserved like scared text and millions of people have had their learning from it.

That’s the power of writing.

We have been given numerous tools in these days to write effortlessly, we should harness it.


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