Our Life Situations

To complain with whatever life situation that we have is useless.

Whatever we have right now,  the problems, diseases or joy,  we have manifested it, knowingly or unknowingly, all of it, and we should not feel bad about our life situations.

Couple of days back, I was thinking that I am not living in the house my father built for me which is in my hometown Gopalganj, Bihar and I was wishing badly to be there.

We have a very beautiful home in Gopalganj, it’s really a dream come true for my parents.

During that thought process I hated my house in which I am currently living in. Then I realized that, I have manifested this house and that is why I am in it. This is exactly what I have wanted long back and now I have it. It’s always about what we have wanted in the past, because whatever we have asked for, we have got it in a long run.

This thought calmed me down and I felt peace inside my heart.


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I am Faisal , a software developer @ Oracle, Hyderabad. Trying again my hands on blogging after several failures. Apart from blogging, I like cycling, running, and clicking pictures(who doesn't), I like to be productive in general.

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  1. I agree. I think we think and wish for and unconsciously manifest several things/events in our lives and then eventually detest it. It’s time we became more conscious about our thoughts…

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