Competition Vs Learning

We are programmed to compete in every situation of life.

Remember the time when a random person tries to overtake you and your ego comes in the way and you beat him and feel good about it.
That’s competition programming that we had since childhood.

Let me share a story.

I had many friends at college who were way more smarter than me. They helped me a lot and I learned many things from them. But there was a teeny tiny part of me who always wanted to excel and deep down I wanted to become smarter than them.
Well, 4 years passed in a blink of an eye and I excelled some of them but only in studies.

On the other hand, there were many other friends who just didn’t care about the competition and they were always relaxed in those days and I never understood them during my college life. Now when I think about it and I realize that they really had a wonderful time in college, while I was busy in my little competition.
Life is much more than competition.

Competition sucks the joy out the process.
If I would have focused less on competition and more on learning I would have learned much more than I do now.

We should always focus more on learning, because we all have forgotten about the competition and the learning is what we still have right now.


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