The Social Network

Couple of days ago I re-watched movie “The Social Network”.

I had seen this movie earlier at the time of its release but now it was as if I was watching it for the first time.

I found new respect for Sean Parker, and after watching the movie I researched about him and his business endeavours. The guy is awesome and he is kind of silent hero for Facebook. The turn of events that led Facebook to its heights was due to him. I encourage you to read about him and get to know about his carrier.

As I recall, earlier I watched this movie considering Mark Zuckerberg as an evil character  and Eduardo Saverin (the other guy) as oppressed man. Now as I watched it again Mark sounded like a sane person, and I completely understood why he did whatever he did to save Facebook from wrong hands.

One peculiar thing I noticed from the movie was that everyone was so determined to get what they wanted, and it was as if all of them were on a mission.


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