My Grammar Sucks.!

Since the day I started writing, I have been suggesting many people to write. The most general reply that I get which stop people from writing is that they think they don’t have enough expertise to write publicly.

Which is completely true and I know their writing truly sucks.

I remember myself writing for the first day, I edited my content for like 2 hours. I wrote about 200 words and edited that for 2 hours, it’s funny to even think about it, and it was really difficult. I remember writing the content and then changing all of them. I remember deleting all the content several times.
The funny thing is that I still have many friends who say “tumne Grammar ki leli” meaning you have ruined the grammar.
Guess what, English is not my first language and I suck in English but it would not stop me from sharing.
Who said, I have to be the expert?

Donald Trump has grammar of a toddler and he is gunning for the most powerful position in the world (I know he is an ass, but I am making a different point here).

Why in a world I let my grammar to stop sharing my story.

I am pretty confident that if I continue, my english would be far better than now.



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