Namaz & The Middle Aged Man

Lately I have been working as a freelance in Jamia Millia Islamia University. This university has an amazing culture where at the time of namaz (daily prayers in Islam) everyone gather in a hall of their respective buildings to perform namaz together.

Before performing namaz everyone has to perform wuzu(a practice which involves washing face, hands and feet).

So basically namaz and wuzu go together.

There is a middle aged man in our building who spills water everywhere whenever he is washing his feet while performing wuzu and create a real big mess every where in the toilet because instead of washing his feet on the wash basin he washes it on the floor.

I mean seriously, on the floor.! 

If we think that, only washing our body and performing namaz is Islam, then we are mistaken just like this guy. Nowhere it is written in Islam to create a mess for other people in order to cleanse ourselves.

Again it’s about gaining knowledge and being conscious of our activities. I am very sure that, this guy had no idea that he is creating so much pain for other people, (maybe he doesn’t care, that’s even worse).

Islam is about caring other people, the daily prayers in Islam is for gratitude toward God and to gain consciousness.

I don’t know how many people are giving gratitude towards Allah while performing namaz, but consciousness is surely missing in most of us.


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7 thoughts on “Namaz & The Middle Aged Man

  1. I guess I don’t know much about this ritual, but I would think washing feet on the ground and hands in the basin was normal. Perhaps he did what he usually does in his home?


  2. Normally what we do is, we wash both hands and feet in the basin(that’s what I have seen in most of the cases), for people who can’t wash their feet in the basin like him, they should either wash it somewhere, where people are not bothered with the activity or should take care of the mess by simply mopping the excess water into the drain


  3. I’d think washing feet on the toilet floor is natural – that would also get the floor clean – although wet… maybe he didn’t know the rules there, might be helpful to let him know. Sometimes its important to share information with people. At times, we cannot really conclude that someone is causing nuisance or is being ignorant unless we know their point of view… you could possibly talk to him the next time you see him 😁


  4. 🙂
    Next time I’ll see him I’ll let him know about the problem very casually let’ see what response I get ..!
    (I avoid suggesting to people I don’t know because many of us don’t like suggestions from new people).

    PS: It was in my mind but I was reluctant but now since you have also said I’ll let him know.

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