An Experience On Helping Others

We grew up with certain beliefs, these are the ones which we have adopted from the people who were around us when we were small, from our parents, school teacher and cousins.

Our conscious mind takes shape during the childhood, and this is the reason why we have different mindsets among different class of people, for example a businessman’s family would have a different set of principle than a farmer’s family.

The beliefs that we have right now are, the ones which we have hold on to since childhood and the ones which he have adopted along the way. We also have discarded some of the beliefs from the past.


Let me share one of the belief that I had in the past and thankfully I have discarded it.

In my school days I use to live with my cousin, he was of very helpful nature. He helped everyone, but I then something really bad happened with him he was very hurt and was shattered by the experience. He helped somebody who then took advantage of the help and did something evil(I remember like this only).

After that incident he stopped helping anybody. Since we were living together and he was my hero I took this lesson by heart and I started believing in it too.

I seldom remember helping my friends with sharing my notes in my school days.  In my college life also I have helped a very few people.

After completing my college education and entering the corporate world, a series of events happened to me which changed my belief system on helping others completely.

The first book that I read on helping others was “The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea”  an amazing book by Bob Burg & John David Mann. Now sometimes I think if I would be given a chance of going back in time and help my friends whom I didn’t help in the past, I would do that. It’s like now I know the secret behind helping other people.

After crossing some age and exploring the world with our own eyes, we start to develop our own belief system and then things start to change and it’s beautiful.


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