Being Different

#AnIdeaADay #BeingDifferent That is the reason why people working in shifts in big corporations are not happy with their job because most of the people have monotonous jobs and these jobs require the least amount of cognitive skills.

Running Changed My Life

#AnIdeaADay #Running #ChangedMyLife After running and hitting the cold shower a person can remain happy for about 2-3 hours for no apparent reason, trust me I know.

Correcting Our Mistakes

#AnIdeaADay #SelfRealization #AutobiographyOfAYogi #Yogananda #Paramhansa #GrammarNazi #CorrectingOurMistakes I remember a conversation with him, where I asked, “How could I possibly miss that?”. He said, “Probably because you are the author and expect everything to be correct”.

Will Online Shopping Wipe out Brick & Mortar Industry?

#AnIdeaADay #OnlineShopping #NehruPlace #Brick&Mortar Shops which would provide a pleasant shopping experience will have the maximum market share for that region.
As a customer, we all would eventually have the best experience in these shops because this is the only way to compete with online giants.