Being Different

beingdifferentUniqueness is contagious. Nature has provided uniqueness in our every cell of our body and we want to be unique in our lifestyle too.

We like the places which are one of a kind. When Macdonalds were new in India, everyone wanted to be there. Today, nobody talks about them. They are not unique anymore.

A job at Google sounds awesome because it’s rare.

We love being different from the crowd, it somehow makes us feel good about ourselves.

That is the reason why people working in shifts in big corporations are not happy with their job because most of the people have monotonous jobs and these jobs require the least amount of cognitive skills. It makes the people cog in the machine, which is not exciting at all and we tend to hate out jobs gradually.

Our job fills most part of our life, and if we are not happy with our jobs we can not be happy with our life.

We should find a job which we love to do.


Running Changed My Life

My last few weeks were not so good, I had the viral fever which altered my routine big time.

I ran today for about 2.5km, after a couple of weeks. I am feeling complete and rejuvenated. Running indeed is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It is one of my first productive habits that I adopted and slowly it changed my whole lifestyle altogether.

So many people in the past had encouraged me to run, but somehow none of the advice got into my head.

I still remember the conversation.

running“It’s too tough”, I said.

“It’s easy, just try it”, said Prabhu, one of my colleague at work .

Something happened at that very moment and I said to myself, “let’s try it, I have nothing to loose” and I have never stopped running since that day.

It has helped me adopt new productive habits in my life. After running and hitting the cold shower a person can remain happy for about 2-3 hours for no apparent reason, trust me I know.

I suggest you run and to quote Prabhu, “It’s easy, just try it”. It will change your life for the better,  for sure.

Seven Habits

Sometimes while reading a book, we just don’t want to slip anything and we absolutely hate mind wanderings while reading. Every word in a sentence is too important to be missed out and we want to remember everything, like reading for the exams.

I have read very few such articles where the contents of the article are too important to be missed out.

That is how I am feeling while reading the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change” by Stephen Covey, an American educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker. He was also Time Magazine’s 25 most influential Americans of 1996. The book is so meaningful and full of knowledge that I am like how can I read this book so that I do not forget anything from it.

There is a reason why so many people in our circle have really messed up lives, that’s because they are living their life, in the wrong way.

This book is not only an informative but also a practical one. It discusses how to deal with our problems on the daily basis(no bullshit).

I am reading the third habit so far, and I can’t wait to finish the book. I would be sharing my learning in subsequent posts, with one habit at a time.


Being Grateful

Meeting different people creates awareness. Yesterday, while thinking about my future goals and sipping chai alongside the cafeteria, I noticed a person sitting next to me.
It was Faheem Bhai, a middle-aged guy, who worked in the same office as a clerk for 8 years and due to paralysis, he has been out of his job for the past 2 years. We chatted for a while. I asked him about his conditions and whether there has been an improvement in his health.
When I started walking down the road on my way back to office, I started laughing at my own problems and a question popped up in my mind.
Why do we think so much about our future?
I didn’t get the answer. It was a tough question I guess.
We speak so much about our helplessness with our friends and family, how we can’t do this and not able to do that. We discuss so much about our incapabilities all the time.
This guy, how helpless he must have been feeling all the time. He was a hard working employee and now not able to work anymore. How helpless he must have been feeling everyday. It is too hard for me to imagine his helplessness. I don’t know what plans God has in store for him, but for the last 2 years of his life, he must have been feeling miserable.
To be grateful is a choice, which we often forget to take. Thank you, God, for all the prosperity and health that you have given. Thank you so much.

John Green’s Commencement Speech 2013

Before going to the office today, I watched John Green’s commencement speech, 2013 at Butler University. John Green started his journey as a YouTuber in 2007. He is the author of best-selling novels, Paper Towns and The Fault in our Stars(also featured in Hollywood movies). He was also included in Time magazine’s list of “The 100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2014.
I am his big fan.
We look at life as a journey from weakness to strength, meaning the hero starts with nothing and ends up with everything.
All our heroes have this characteristic in common, from Harry Potter to Steve Jobs. They all have started as a nobody and ended up as a somebody.
In his speech, he shared a different side of the story. He said, that the true hero’s journey is from strength to weakness.
CaptureIn college life, we used to be somebody, people knew our names, we were famous. The moment we entered into the adulthood, some call it the real life, we became nobody. In real life nobody knows our name, we are not famous.
The journey from being a somebody from college to a nobody in real life, that’s the true hero’s journey.
“For learning how to be a nobody, you will learn how not to be a jerk, and for the rest of your life if you are able to remember your hero’s journey from college grad to underling, you will be less of a jerk, you will tip well, you will empathize, you will be a mentor and a generous one”, he shared.
He reminded the graduates, of all the support they have got from their parents, mentors, and professors and how their sacrifices made it all possible for them to graduate.
I listened to his speech for a couple of times and every time I remember those people who helped me in my journey, the heart is filled with gratitude. How often we have forgotten the true heroes of life, people who actually helped us reach where ever we are in our life. They made sacrifices so often and still we don’t remember them.
He gave an amazing speech, I felt nostalgic, motivated and at peace, all at the same time while listening to it. It looks like I am exaggerating the speech but believe me, I am not.
I encourage you to watch his commencement speech and share your learning too.

Having a Problem.?

The funny thing about the problems of  today is that they will seem futile if we look at it from the future.
Think about it, the biggest problem we had in our college life seems so naive and trivial if we try to look from today’s perspective.
I remember one time in school life, I gave my notebook to one of my friends just before the examinations and he was supposed to return it on that very evening. I started calling and he switched off his cell phone. I was infuriated. I was in so much pain for about 4-5 hours.
It was horrible.
Finally, I recovered my notebook later that night by reaching out to his home.
I could have gone through that experience without undergoing any pain, but I didn’t.
Problems have many characteristics among them are, they look futile from future self-perspective and they have the capability of causing pain.
& we have a choice of solving our problems without experiencing pain since they are going to be pointless anyhow.

Correcting Our Mistakes

To acknowledge & correct our mistakes is crucial for success. 

We make mistakes more often than we realize. Sometimes we even defend our mistakes despite the realization.

I first came across with the word “Self Realization” from the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda Paramhansa. It is a big word, and is difficult to attain, it means looking at oneself without judging. It requires practice, patience, and meditation.

Humans are the only creation of God capable of Self Realization.

In simple word, we are blind to our mistakes, and Self Realization is the process to shrink our Blind Spot.

I am very privileged that my writings are being proofread by one of my friend Yogi, (A Grammar Nazi), he helps me correct my grammatical mistakes.

With that said, sometimes the mistakes are too obvious to notice but somehow I fail to notice, only to be later corrected by him.

I remember a conversation with him, where I asked, “How could I possibly miss that?”. He said, “Probably because you are the author and expect everything to be correct”.

Me on the other hand.. I am looking for mistakes“, he added.

That is so true, it is also true for every other action we take in the life. We believe that every action of ours is perfect.

We all should have one friend who is bold enough to show us our mistakes, to make us more successful in our endeavors.

I am very grateful to him. Thank you so much, Yogi, for improving my writings.


Will Online Shopping Wipe out Brick & Mortar Industry?

With the advent of online shopping, many of us think that the brick and mortar(B&M) industry would perish eventually.

I am a big advocate of online shopping, it makes things easy on many levels. I have purchased many products online and it feels awesome every time.

But deep inside I feel bad for the B&M industry.

Today I had to purchase Bluetooth earphones, and the obvious steps taken by me were to look at Amazon and Flipkart. I got amazing deals too.

But something was missing. I wanted to have in hand feel of the product. To see the whole range of the products and looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions were not enough for me.

So I visited Nehru Place, New Delhi. Asia’s largest electronic goods market. I enjoyed the hassle and it was really fun to see product-experts explain the pros and cons of various products.

At that moment, I realized that B&M industry would never perish.

We as Human need the personal touch of another human being, we like the fact that someone else does all the research and explains the pros and cons of various products.

Of course, the market share for the B&M would decline in a long run. But the online shops would never be able to wipe out the B&M industry entirely.

Shops which would provide a pleasant shopping experience will have the maximum market share for that region. 

As a customer, we all would eventually have the best experience in these shops because this is the only way to compete with online giants.


The Treasure

The train stopped at Gorakhpur junction.

He was selling books, on his small book stall and was sitting beside the small shelf he had.

I quickly glanced over the books he had on his shelf.

Autobiography of a Yogi, Steve Jobs, Question are the Answer, Chanakya Niti, and many others were the books which I was able to recognize immediately.

He had many others books, really world class books.

I saw him reading Tahelka magazine(known for its spicy news content with all the sting operations).

Fat, Grey haired, stubble, smelly and exhausted because the April heat, unaware of his surroundings and deeply engrossed in reading.

He had the books on his shelf which has already changed millions of lives and are still changing many. It certainly could have changed his life too, but he never tried reading any of them.

He was reading Tahelka instead.

He had no idea that he was sitting on a golden treasure.

Likewise, we, the people of Internet, have also a treasure, but it is a humongous treasure much much bigger than the bookstall of that guy.

We have the opportunity to learn things we want and develop any skill we need from this treasure.

We can connect to anyone in order to succeed in life through this treasure.

But, it is tragic to say that many people are like the bookseller and are using this treasure for entertainment purposes only.

We have been given a gift, we should use it for our growth.


Shifting The Attention

Our mind is a mysterious device.

A couple of months back I read the book “The Power of Now A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” by Eckhart Tolle. In his book, he mentioned that in any unpleasant situation our mind is capable of shifting the attention to a desirable state of mind.

That’s exactly what happened today.

In my hometown, there is a place called Bada Bazaar. It is the main market of the town. A very crowded place in the evening. I remember going there a few of years back and it used to be very stressful because of obvious reasons.

Earlier visiting that place was only about completing the chores and returning back to home as soon as possible, but this time, I shifted my attention to observing the things around me and the stress went away.

It was really awesome. It is difficult to express in writing because I am out of words.

I believe, it is something which could only be felt.

Shifting the focus is indeed the best way to manipulate the mind for the better outcome and peace of mind.