Visiting Places During School Life

When I was in school, I use to worry a lot. Seldom I was told to study, on the contrary there were many occasions in my school life where my mother would take me away to the relatives so that I would get a break from studies.

During that time, I developed a great bonding with my cousins and in the later period of time they helped me a lot, however at that time it was not visible. I hated going places, but now when I think about it those were the best times I had and the memories became the most precious of all.

I remember nagging to go to home whenever I was at my relatives in the beginning. My mother knew that going places and meeting people was something I avoided. I thank my mother now for doing that.
When we are kids we use to hate many things that our parents did for us. But in a long run we realise the importance of those steps taken and we started loving our parents even more.

Thank you Ammi for believing in me and making me a better person.


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