Book Review : “Autobiography of A Yogi” by Yogananda Paramhansa.

As you know I have been reading the book, “Autobiography of A Yogi” by Yogananda Paramhansa.

I completed the book couple of days back. To tell you the truth I never wanted the book to be completed. I was so mesmerized by the events in the book that I still wonder how awesome it would have been to live those moments.

The book cleared many doubts for me, I use to think that hindu religion has no concrete beginning like Christianity and Islam, after reading the book I now am starting to understand how this ancient religion still exists.

It is very difficult to pinpoint what I liked and to summarize what I have learnt from the book, and I think I would not do justice with the book if I mention some of the incidents while leaving others.

With that said, let me share with you briefly what this book is about.

Yogananda from the early stage of his life start searching for a mentor, which he got in his late teens. In his journey I got to know about many great personalities of that time including Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri and many other saints. I learned about all of them separately and got to know more about their lives and the experience was amazing.
In the meantime I asked about these personalities with my hindu friends also but to my surprise none of my friends have heard any of them. These people were the reviver of Hindu religion and it’s very sad to see that nobody talks about them.

Yogananda mentioned about his trip to America and Europe and all the adventures he had while those trips. Thanks to his amazing writing skills, I felt that I was with him too.

This book also talks about life after death and to my utmost surprise the belief that we as a Muslim hold for life after death is much similar than the one which is described the book. There are many other learnings from the book which is not possible to write in one post so I have decided that I would share my learning in subsequent posts.

I am so happy that I read this wonderful book because I have found deep respect and love for hindu religion after this experience.

I have been meditating before reading this book also, but now I know how to find answers to my problem in meditation.

This book is definitely a must read for those who like to know more about hindu religion and to know more about people of God realization.


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