Listening to Our Intuitions

Today was scheduled for the video blog, but I couldn’t complete the book and also there’s a lot of editing involved and for a video so I scheduled it for tomorrow.
All I can say now is sorry..!
Instead, I would be sharing one learning from the book “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence” by Daniel Goleman.
Many of us have heard of the famous commencement speech given by Steve Jobs at Stanford University.

It’s truly a masterpiece, and rightfully clubs love, life, and death.

In his speech, he mentions that we should follow our intuitions as they already know what we want from our life.

So the question arises, what is our intuition, and how would we listen to it. I had that question in mind but I couldn’t do anything about it so, it got buried in my subconscious.

In this book, Daniel gave a reference to the speech at Stanford University by Steve Jobs and asks the same question that I had in my mind and beautifully explains it. The explanation is really long and I wouldn’t be able to share it properly but all I can share is that it starts with calming our mind.

If you haven’t heard the speech yet I would recommend it to you.


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