The Guy Who Set Himself at Fire

Yesterday in the late evening I heard the news of a Pakistani guy who set himself at fire just because he was not allowed to sit in the examination.

I feel sad for him.

Surprisingly, earlier that evening while returning home, I was thinking about my problems and was really stressed out.

Problems really sucks the energy out of us.

Suddenly the mind shifted my attention to meditation.

In meditation we have to focus the attention to breathing, and I started breathing consciously with paying attention to each breath.

I realized something at that very moment.

If I am breathing, I am alive, and I can solve all my problems.

That’s right.

It’s so simple that we have forgotten it.

With this thought in my mind, my problems just fade away, and I felt peace.

Thinking that we only have one chance in life is the biggest mistake people do in life. I truly have started to believe that we have given numerous chances to succeed in life.



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