An Unsung Hero


Today I visited the physio-gym with my mother. It is one of a kind place in Gopalganj(Bihar),  where various tools for exercise is made available to the patients.

I have seen countless gyms and physio centers all across Delhi, and this is definitely not the best one I have ever seen. However, in Gopalganj there’s is only one place where people can be treated in such a way.

In Delhi, there has been a culture of entrepreneurship and almost everyone wants to be one. This has created a stiff competition in the metropolitan areas. But in every entrepreneurial endeavor,  everybody wants to serve the same class of people.

From centuries, it has been said that the true India can be seen in the villages. Well, it can also be seen in my little town and there are thousands of opportunities in these areas. It was really great to see all the people getting help from this place.

I have heard of many unsung heroes in the past, today I met one. Dr. S. H. Khan could easily get a safe job in metropolitan of his choice and he could also have easily opened his center in any metropolitan, but he didn’t.

I got an opportunity to talk to him and I loved the man. He definitely is not doing this only for money, a true hero indeed.He is serving countless people and is happy with his job.

The most important thing that I would like to emphasize here is that the people who are treated here would not have been treated at all if it weren’t for his physio gym.

He would not have all the glories of the world but he is leading a happy and fulfilling life. I am truly grateful that my mother is treated here. Thank you so much, Dr. S. H. Khan, for helping so many people.



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