The Trendsetters

We come elite Muslim background and in our family, the tradition is that no female member of the family should work. I know it sounds very old-fashioned because it is old-fashioned.

I have not seen anybody work till now in our entire family.

While the world is growing rapidly, working class female is still frowned upon in our society.

I am very happy to see the first exception.

My cousin, Dr. S. Shabnam, who is based out of Kushinagar has started practicing as a homeopathic doctor. She has broken many boundaries in order to do that and has started a trend which would be followed by many others in our family members very soon.

It’s very easy to follow a trend but in order to set a trend we need much more strength and grit.

She did not discuss the difficulties she had while setting up her clinic but it was obvious since I know the background and history of our family.

We often forget about the backbone and the hidden strength of an endeavor. In her case, it is Ahmed Bhai, her husband. I could see him not brag about the support he has given, nevertheless the happiness was visible in his eyes.

We need more people who can set trends. We have plenty of followers in the world but a few trendsetters. We should encourage the trendsetters and help them set new boundaries every time.


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