The Minz Stadium

Today I went for sightseeing in Gopalganj, to see what has changed in my hometown.

We use to visit Minz stadium while we were kids to watch the Jhaanki during 15th August and 26th January(Independence and Republic day in India respectively).

Jhaanki also called Tableau, is a group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story or from history.

The day used to be historical and the most memorable of all days.

I remember Minz stadium to be humongous, but today it was not.

It got me to thinking how our perspective changes with time, indeed it depends on the experiences we have in our life.

The huge stadium turned into a small one just because I had seen numerous other stadiums around the world.

This is true for our achievements and hurdles as well.

If we are growing the problems and achievements seems smaller every time and it is a good thing, it means we are growing.


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