Will Online Shopping Wipe out Brick & Mortar Industry?

With the advent of online shopping, many of us think that the brick and mortar(B&M) industry would perish eventually.

I am a big advocate of online shopping, it makes things easy on many levels. I have purchased many products online and it feels awesome every time.

But deep inside I feel bad for the B&M industry.

Today I had to purchase Bluetooth earphones, and the obvious steps taken by me were to look at Amazon and Flipkart. I got amazing deals too.

But something was missing. I wanted to have in hand feel of the product. To see the whole range of the products and looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions were not enough for me.

So I visited Nehru Place, New Delhi. Asia’s largest electronic goods market. I enjoyed the hassle and it was really fun to see product-experts explain the pros and cons of various products.

At that moment, I realized that B&M industry would never perish.

We as Human need the personal touch of another human being, we like the fact that someone else does all the research and explains the pros and cons of various products.

Of course, the market share for the B&M would decline in a long run. But the online shops would never be able to wipe out the B&M industry entirely.

Shops which would provide a pleasant shopping experience will have the maximum market share for that region. 

As a customer, we all would eventually have the best experience in these shops because this is the only way to compete with online giants.


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