Having a Problem.?

The funny thing about the problems of  today is that they will seem futile if we look at it from the future.
Think about it, the biggest problem we had in our college life seems so naive and trivial if we try to look from today’s perspective.
I remember one time in school life, I gave my notebook to one of my friends just before the examinations and he was supposed to return it on that very evening. I started calling and he switched off his cell phone. I was infuriated. I was in so much pain for about 4-5 hours.
It was horrible.
Finally, I recovered my notebook later that night by reaching out to his home.
I could have gone through that experience without undergoing any pain, but I didn’t.
Problems have many characteristics among them are, they look futile from future self-perspective and they have the capability of causing pain.
& we have a choice of solving our problems without experiencing pain since they are going to be pointless anyhow.

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