Being Different

beingdifferentUniqueness is contagious. Nature has provided uniqueness in our every cell of our body and we want to be unique in our lifestyle too.

We like the places which are one of a kind. When Macdonalds were new in India, everyone wanted to be there. Today, nobody talks about them. They are not unique anymore.

A job at Google sounds awesome because it’s rare.

We love being different from the crowd, it somehow makes us feel good about ourselves.

That is the reason why people working in shifts in big corporations are not happy with their job because most of the people have monotonous jobs and these jobs require the least amount of cognitive skills. It makes the people cog in the machine, which is not exciting at all and we tend to hate out jobs gradually.

Our job fills most part of our life, and if we are not happy with our jobs we can not be happy with our life.

We should find a job which we love to do.


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