Teaching Meditation To a 9-Year-Old

#AnIdeaADay #TeachingMeditation #YoganandaParamhansa #AutobiographyOfAYogi The attention span of a child is indeed less than 5 second, and it was evident but there were times where he surprised me with his calmness.


Going Home

I have a thing, I don’t know if it’s good or bad but I just love it. I always want to go places without any scheduled plans, I love that. Yesterday, I got to know that I have 4 days of vacation and I planned to go home at that very moment. I had no […]

The Guy Who Set Himself at Fire

Yesterday in the late evening I heard the news of a Pakistani guy who set himself at fire just because he was not allowed to sit in the examination. I feel sad for him. Surprisingly, earlier that evening while returning home, I was thinking about my problems and was really stressed out. Problems really sucks […]