People Skills in Government Organizations

people skillsLately, I have been dealing with lots and lots of people, specifically students and many times I don’t have the answers to their questions or I am not able to help them in any way, and they just don’t seem to understand this fact.

I have seen many of my colleagues react to this situation in different ways. Some get angry, rude and thrashes the student for asking too many questions.

Students are not perfect, they make mistakes and the fact that they are learning in the institution means it’s ok for them to make mistakes as long as they acknowledge and learn from it.

We, on the other hand, are professionals and it’s our duty to behave professionally and I don’t think that thrashing is the right way to deal with anyone. Just because you are an authority or a representative of a government organization doesn’t mean that you could be rude to the people you serve.

The least thing we can do in this situation is to have empathy, be polite and try to explain that we don’t have the solution.

Communication and people’s skills are endangered in the government organizations. We should do something about it.

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