Bullying in Corporate Culture


There is a new kind of bullying that is going on in the corporate culture.

Saying no is frowned upon and it takes a┬álot of courage and guts to say no to things we don’t like in office. The higher management uses this fact and exploits the underlings big time.

It’s only up to the underling to step up and say no. It is a really hard thing to do because it requires maturity and awareness.

We can’t teach people how to say no to the things they don’t like to do it’s something that can only be developed from the inside. It’s something that they would learn only after spending a significant amount of time at work.

If you are stuck and you have nowhere to go, saying no would be a hard thing to do irrespective of the challenge it could pose and you would probably say yes to anything and everything.

That is why it is important to grow in life, to say no to things we don’t like.


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