A Memorable Day


We all have pleasant and horrible memories from the past and sometimes we wish we had done things differently in the past and we ponder over it. Sometimes we are so obsessed with changing the past that we even forget about the present. We can not change our past, it is not in our hand and pondering over it wouldn’t do any good for us although we know this too, we do it anyway.

I have a poster in my bedroom which says “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mystery and Today is a gift“. I woke up every day and look at it to remind myself of the present.

In the past, I was obsessed with my past and I was not moving forward, it was a very difficult time for me, I thank God that I am in a different position right now and I am very grateful for that.

Today I met with my college mates after a very long time and realized I had very good time in the past which I had forgotten all about and it was amazing to remember those days. In dealing with today’s difficulties we often forget about how awesome we were in the past and we get much strength after the realization.

Thank you Yash and Nausheen for a memorable day.


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