Perfection is a Killer

perfectionA couple of weeks back I decided that I would publish two videos per week and share my learnings from the various books and I continued doing the same for 3 weeks.

Surprisingly I got a huge response for my last two videos and it put a lot of pressure on me for my next video. It led to procrastination and lot of plannings and the result is that I haven’t published any videos since 12-Apr.

The whole point of publishing videos was to create something irrespective of how many people would watch it and after getting so many responses, I felt that I would lead these people down if I would create something not so good.

This is a form of fear of rejection and I have to conquer it in order to succeed in life. I would definitely try to create 2 videos per week from this week onwards.

I always loved this quote from John Green

I would encourage you not to worry so much about how many people watch what you make, worry about how many people love what you make.


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