The Roadside Ustaad

Music is a form of expression that we all love and it connects different culture and traditions. You can be traveling to a foreign country not knowing anything about the language they speak yet if you stumble upon any good music playing in their language you might pause and take a moment to enjoy. A good music relaxes us and make us more efficient in our endeavors.

Sonu Nigam, legendary playback singer, musician, and actor did a great job where he disguises himself as a homeless and  went ahead to sing along a roadside with a harmonium(a traditional musical instrument of India). He was phenomenal and many people stood there to watch him perform even though he looked terrible because of his disguise.

Sonu Nigam shared his learning for the whole experience that we often seek happiness in the future. We think that achieving more is the way to happiness. We always carve for the next milestone to accomplish. In the meantime, we forget about the present where the happiness actually lies.


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