The Blackout in Shaheen Bagh

After 10 hours of the blackout, I went to office despite the fact that I couldn’t see anything properly in my house even in the daytime(Yeah that’s how closely we have built the buildings around here). When there is no electricity darkness prevails everywhere and it’s really difficult to do anything properly in my house.

But that wasn’t the hardest part.

The troublesome of all was the fathomless night which didn’t seem to end at all. It’s really difficult to make a person understand the importance of anything if he doesn’t know what will happen if he loses it.


We enjoy the benefits of electricity so much that we have forgotten about the misery it can bring upon us if it is not there anymore. It has become the most important commodity that we consume after air, water, food, and shelter.

It’s difficult to notice the importance of electricity particularly in metro cities where it never goes off and because of that, we are habituated to it. We almost think of it as a natural phenomenon, but hey it’s not.

Switch off the fan or AC for about 10 minutes and you would realize how important it is and then imagine how difficult it would have been for any person to live without it.

We are so busy with our life that we barely notice things around us, therefore, tend to appreciate less. There are plenty of things out there to be grateful for, though many of us live a life full of ungratefulness which is a road to misery and pain.

We are surrounded by the inventions that have changed the world many times over sadly we barely notice any of them. However, the only time we do remember them is once they are not serving us anymore. Thankfully I realized the importance of electricity in my life.

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