Why you should read books

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Good morning everyone. How are you doing today…!!

When I was in college I used to think that I know so much and I was very proud of it.

Now whenever that thought come across my mind I say to myself ,”You know nothing, Faisal Raza”. (You see what I did there :P)

Let me explain,

Going to the gym was a thing that I used to think people do only to get women and to be cool and if you know me and my circle at that time you would understand why I used to think that way.

you see in my circle, that was the ultimate goal for the gym and it simply passed onto me and since I had different goals I never cared for going to gym.

The interesting thing is that I was not wrong, I just didn’t know back then and that’s what I am going to talk about in this video.

Whatever we do in our life we do on the basis of things we know and funnily enough, we know it from the people we are surrounded with.

and you know what.. that’s a dead end.

Think about it, your domain knowledge is directly proportional to knowledge of the people you know and meet and if your circle is just this small you’ll end up actually knowing nothing.

That’s terrible.

So that’s the problem and to solve this we have to increase our domain knowledge and that can only be done through experience which by the way comes only with time but you know what.. there is an alternative and which is to read books.!!

Reading books is like learning from other people’s mistake , people who were actually successful in their endeavors and led an amazing life.

You would be stuck with your body and consciousness forever but books give us a chance to see and experience things from author’s point of view and that is so beautiful.

For example, after reading the “Autobiography of A yogi” by Yogananda Paramhansa I know what it is to be born 100 years back and what are the challenges faced in those days. How that is different from the world we are living in today(and trust me it’s totally different). In a certain way, I went on a journey with Yogananda Paramhansa through his book and it was awesome. These extraordinary journeys can only be traveled through books

So read books ..!!!

Thank you so much for watching the video..!
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