Seth Godin’s Secret of Writing 6000+ Posts

While talking to one of my friends about blogging she shared that it took her 2 days to write one post. It reminded me of my early days though I am not saying that I don’t struggle anymore but in the beginning, it was really difficult.

Seth Godin has written more than 6000 posts and did it by writing one post every day. He was consistent in his actions and he now is one of the most successful marketers in the world. His rise to the top wasn’t an accident rather it was strategic and more importantly doable.



He says it only takes 90 seconds to write one post, of course, he is not talking about me or my friend but he is sharing his knowledge and experience of what a good habit can do. Habits develop the muscle memory(more on that later) which in turn make us more efficient.

I wish her all the best.


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