Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset


Pride is invariably the worst traits of all human nature. It creates a false belief in oneself and the person perceives to become bigger than he actually is. It comes from the feeling that we have achieved whatever we came here to achieve.

Let’s consider two points of ¬†your life.

Point A could be defined as your current life situation, the money you have, the number of people you know and the influence you have over the society you live in.

Point B is your future desirable self, whatever you want in your life it’s that position. For example, Point B would be a position in future where you will have your dream house, and have everything else you wanted and wished for at Point A. Furthermore Point B is something which we define at Point A, it could be anything and it differs from person to person.

The journey from Point A to Point B is your journey of struggle, change, and accomplishment. Many people die before they could reach to Point B and many others are fortunate enough to reach there.

The pride comes when you have reached to Point B with your hard work and struggle.

The interesting thing is that people with the growth mindset tend to have a movable Point B because it progresses along the way gradually. They know that they are close to Point B so they rearrange farther away and they become a better person along the way.

People with fixed mindsets tend to have a fixed Point B and once they reach there they are on top of the world but only in their heads.

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