Book Review and Learning The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

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I finally have completed the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change” by Steven Covey, an American educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker. He was also Time Magazine’s 25 most influential Americans of 1996.

and today as always, I am going to share my learning from the book.

Do you remember reading for exams .. how every word was too important to be missed out and the time you absolutely hated the mind wanderings. Reading seven habits was like reading for exams, I did not want to miss any word out.

So let’s start with learning

1. It’s a very practical book it discusses how to deal with our problems on the daily basis(no bullshit).

2. It explains why so many people live their lives so miserably, and that’s because they have the wrong principle in place which the author talks about a lot.

3. The author shares about P-PC balance, meaning Production, Production Capability Balance, You know what production is, but production capability is the people who produce stuff and Steven shares his knowledge on how to balance P and PC both. While everyone talks about production only, he shares why people are important and his ideology is, “take care of the people they will take care of your business”. very simple.

4. Let me define synergy for those who don’t know what it is , Synergy is cooperation between two or more organization working together to build something greater than themselves. In this book, Steven talks about how to achieve synergy in every project and also demystify various theories behind synergy.

5. He gives a very clear picture of Urgent and Important and explains how often we live our life focusing on urgent only irrespective of whether they are important or not, and we don’t care about important things which are not urgent. 90% people do not prioritize their things and ignore important things altogether.

6. He gives a very clear picture of what being effective is and how it is different from being efficient. A very beautiful quote from the book is, “We should try to be effective with people and efficient with things.”

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