A Visit To Jamia Millia Islamia


Today I went to Jamia Millia Islamia to meet third year Computer Engineering students. I was there along with Sachin sir, Danish, and Rafi to conduct a test for our upcoming internship. Though I am working in “The Office of Controller of Examination” in Jamia Millia Islamia for last 3 months, I never got an opportunity to visit the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. It was nostalgic and all the past memories rushed into me.

We think our lives are different from others but if we look closely and meet a lot of people who are doing the same thing we did and have the same background we had, the pattern looks evident and quite visible.

The thought-processes of the students I met today were not very different from me when I was in their shoes. The prominent traits were being hungry for learning and knowledge, the “know it all” attitude in some, and “self-doubt” in some others. I showed all these traits from time to time in my college life and it was fun to see other people show these attributes.

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