Today I Started Reading “The Virgin Way”


I have started reading the book “The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership” by Richard Branson. In this book, Richard is sharing his life stories, learning, and experiences from the very beginning.

I am really bad at remembering names, dates and other important things and I have a habit of noting things down in my phone. Sometimes I find other people get annoyed by this habit of mine so I usually do it when nobody is watching.

The first thing I learned from the book is that it’s okay to note things down, Richard does it more vigorously than anybody else and he has been doing this since ages. Instead of using digital notes he still prefers pocket-sized notebook and a pen for recording all the things that he likes to remember.

Unlike me, he is not shy and takes notes almost everywhere i.e. in the meetings, hallways, and even while boarding the plane. I am so much impressed by his note taking habit that I myself bought a pen and small pocket-sized notebook just to do this activity in a more realistic way.


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