Birth Of Google




Once upon a time not too long from now history was written and that too in a very subtle way.

Lawrence went to watch a movie but unfortunately, all the tickets got sold out, and while waiting in line he met Mikhaylovich. They both started talking and soon found out that they both have an interest in the “web”, a very new term in those days. Lawrence said that he would like to show his work to Mikhaylovich which led them to work together for a while. Their obsession to crawl the web according to the importance of the web page drove them to create a company which they called BackRub.

To this day, these guys are working together though they now have offices worldwide, 57,100 employees, and they are doing much more than crawling the web. Oh yes, and they also changed the name of their company to Google and these guys are none other than Lawrence Larry Page and Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin, the co-founders of Google Inc.

So don’t hesitate to talk to the stranger you never know when will you meet your Larry Page or Sergey Brin.

So keep talking.

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