I Guess That’s How The World Works Now

My friend casually said, “I guess that’s how the world works now”. I didn’t want to object him so I just nodded but it got me into thinking about how we shape the world around us by little observations we make and come up with wrong conclusions as we go along.

These self-made conclusions subtly alter our principles upon which we define our life. My friend was wrong in a certain way but the way he perceived the situation made him think that it’s the only way the world works now which he didn’t know about before.

Let me share an example, a person who steals for livelihood justifies it as it is the only way to survive in the fast and extremely competitive world and he is right in his way of thinking. The fundamental principle on which his life is built has stealing as primary source of income. The example I shared here is at the extreme end of the spectrum. What generally happens is that we alter our belief system and make wrong assumptions as we go along and suffer in the long run.

Trail and error is one of way living but it certainly is not the best way to live and we can improve it by learning from the legends who came before us. We are prone to make mistakes and that is why it’s very important to learn from other people’s mistakes. The legends might not be with us anymore but they certainly have left their wisdom in the form of books.

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