The Huge Advantage of Writing Every Day


There is a huge advantage of writing every day. It gives me an ample amount of opportunity to experiment and not agonize too much about the outcome. It gives me enough space to be creative and write on almost anything without worrying. To be remarkable at anything we have to master the skill-set and for that, the skill must run in the blood.

In medical terminology, it is called muscle memory. Generally, we do all the thinking from Pre-Frontal Cortex which is the front part of the brain, but once we master a skill it becomes reflex and the brain responds instantaneously. Learning to drive a car is a painful process where we have to do many things at once. After doing it over and over again the mind starts to recognize the pattern and the control slowly shifts from Pre-Frontal Cortex to Amygdala(the lower portion of the brain) and becomes the muscle memory where it takes less than a microsecond to respond which is awesome.

Therefore, to be good at anything we have to practice over and over again so that it becomes the muscle memory and after that we would not need Pre-Frontal Cortex(the thinking part of the brain) which takes more time to execute a job than Amygdala and whatever we do would be remarkable.


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