A Message to High School Graduates

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Today I am going to talk on a slightly controversial topic. In my recent conversation with fresh higher secondary school graduates who are now gunning for various professional courses, I saw an uncanny pattern. Most of them want to become an engineer or a doctor.


When I was their age I had no idea of other professions, I knew so little that I actually believed that there are only three stable and prestigious professions in the world, an IAS officer, a doctor and an engineer.

Which led me to wonder why I used to think that way..!!

In the middle-class families we are constantly fed that these are the real jobs out there in the so-called “real world” where we can have a good life, we have also been given a numerous examples of other people living a very good life who have these jobs and if we want to survive and have a good life that’s the only way to go, and we believe their stories because they are kind of true.

After coming to Jamia Millia Islamia university and talking to students of various backgrounds I got to know about awesome jobs opportunities which I didn’t know about earlier which led me to think how in the world a 16-17 years old student can possibly know the things that he can do.

We are led to believe that there are very few prestigious jobs out there which has created a fierce competitive environment amongst students, thousands of students go into the depression every year because they have not fulfilled their parent’s dream of becoming a doctor, and engineer or an IAS officer which makes me sad.

On top of that choosing a field to work for the rest of the life and that too at the age of 15-17 is just absurd. The brain is not developed at that age, it is scientifically proven that the teenagers still have an underdeveloped Pre-Frontal Cortex, the part of the brain responsible for thinking and decision-making processes and teens usually think from Amygdala, which is a prehistoric brain only capable of things like survival instinct, fear, and reproduction.

So if you are a parent please help your child choose, you have experience, you have seen the world, please help your child see the world from your eyes. The world is changing very fast and a lot of new doors are opening every day. We don’t “have to” become an engineer or a doctor to live a good life, there are tons of other profession out there which are even more fulfilling. Let the child choose what he wants to become, you just have to make him aware of the possibilities of the future and then let him decide his future.

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