How can we not be grateful?


Deaths due to diseases are all time low, overall standard of living throughout the globe has been increased many folds. Never before in the history there has been a time where information was so freely available on this scale, on the contrary, it was kept in secret and a very few privileged people had access to the information.

The way we connect and chat with people all around the world and that too at minimum or no cost is absolutely amazing(considering you are using Facebook or WhatsApp).

How can we not be grateful?

I talked to one of my friends in the US for about 30 minutes in the morning, more than an hour with a friend living in Germany in the evening, absolutely free of cost. If I go back in time and told you that 10 years from now you can call anyone, anywhere around the globe with zero money you would have laughed very hard (since 10 years from now we had outgoing call rates as well as incoming call rates).

Elon Musk is designing a system where travel would be free of cost. I know it sounds hilarious but so is free calling. This is the best time ever, yes it definitely has some pros and cons, but focusing on pros can certainly make a difference in your life.

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