Attention Deficit Used To Be A Disorder But It Now Is A Trait


We constantly consume a lot of information every day. Attention Deficit used to be a disorder but it now is a trait among many metropolitan citizens around the world. One time I noticed myself swiping through Facebook while I was waiting for the call to get picked. I could not wait quietly for 20 seconds, my mind needed to consume something during that time.

We now have an attention span of 8 seconds, which is less than of Goldfish. When we can’t find anything to do, we reach for our phones to keep ourselves occupied. We want ourselves to be busy, a low music or a TV noise running in the background makes us relaxed.

That’s not how our ancestors used to live in the past. The mind’s creative juices flow only when it is not consuming anything. Various researches have shown that our mind is capable of consuming data only for 45 minutes and after that, information overflows which is hard to believe. I am not saying to stop consuming information, rather be selective in what you are consuming and give yourself some rest too by not doing anything for a while every day.

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