I Love Pixar Movies

finding nemo

I love Pixar movies.

They not only deliver extraordinary animated content but also give us a message to remember. A couple of days ago I watched “Finding Nemo” even though I had seen this movie earlier re-watching it gave me some insight which I could never have had in the past because of my own limitations.

The father-son relationship, and how ego comes into play to create havoc in their lives is worth noticing. How the clownfish went against all odds and traveled the ocean (despite the fact that he was so afraid of the ocean) to find his son and how the ocean helped him do so was just extraordinary. There’s always a deep meaning in these movies, although it seems they are meant for the children but adults can learn so much from it.

Every Pixar movie has a great message buried deep within the animation and only capable people can find those messages. These movies help us in understanding human psychology though the beauty is that people who are unable to see those aspects wouldn’t even notice those things which are placed carefully there for people who can.

Indeed, we can only see what we want to see.

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