Ritual Defines Us

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We all make plans, lots of plans but seldom we take serious actions on it. We do however start very enthusiastically but never manage to follow through till the end and drop out somewhere in the middle.

This is a problem which a lot of us face in these days, especially people who have diverse interests. We are very passionate about the thing which we are starting but lose interest along the way and eventually quit. We feel bad about it but then manage to overcome the grief by picking up a new project.

This is not a good practice, and by doing this we would end up jack of all trades and master of none. To be good at anything we have to put consistent effort every single day. Interestingly enough this is not a secret and everyone knows it but a very few manages to do something about it.

The reason for these dropouts is when the going gets though people quit, that’s how we are built. Perseverance is defined as persistence in doing something despite the difficulty. It’s not something we are born with rather we develop it along the way . In order to continue doing the things, we have started we have to have a definitive plan in place.

Tony Robbins, call these plans as Rituals and he says that the rituals are the only way to follow through and without it, we can not accumulate significant success in any endeavor. Ritual make sure that we do things required even when the mind and body experience friction while doing so.

Originally posted at http://www.an-idea-a-day.in June 18, 2016 at 12:18AM faisal raza #anideaaday


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