Problems Compound Over Time




Problems compound over time if left unacknowledged.

When we are working on a project we face problems and it’s inevitable to have problems. Not acknowledging the problem leads to the far bigger problem which is the direct result of ignorance. However, we can avoid problems by simply planning ¬†well.

Planning can do wonders of done properly.

Here’s a funny story about Problems.

In my TCS days, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who was a project manager at that time. He said that it’s very important to leave some problems unchecked because solving them in the first place will only diminish his role as an efficient manager because if the problem does not arise everyone thinks there was no problem(A tricky situation, if you think about it).

Over time in MNCs like TCS and Infosys, the projects become stable and seldom have any serious problem which led the senior management into thinking that the project doesn’t need as many people as it currently has. The first person to lay off easily is the manager and that’s why in order to maintain the foothold on the project some managers just ignore the problems and wait for the right moment in order to come in the limelight.

This is a pretty clever strategy but not a productive one, it’s actually a cover that some people use in order to keep doing nothing and reap benefits.

The world of a startup is indeed far different from an MNC.

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