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Jamia Nagar is jam packed due Ramzan and Eid shopping in these days. I had to run some errands but going to Batla house by bike was a bad idea, so I traveled by the electric rickshaw.

These electric rickshaws have become very common in these areas, and we now see plenty of them everywhere. In the beginning, they use to wait for 4-5 people before making any journey but now I saw them only with 2-3 passengers because of the sudden increase in their numbers. Due to this they also have started to play an important role in traffic jams.

I often have small talks while commuting it helps me understand other person’s point of view. Today was not an exception and I started talking to the driver. Interestingly I got to know about various trade secrets about buying a good electric rickshaw, and in addition to that, I got to know about his life. He was an electrician and was working in Saudi Arabia for last 3 years, and while waiting for the visa for his next visit he thought it would be a good idea to run electric rickshaw during the waiting period.

“The most difficult part for rickshaw driver is that nobody treat us well, and we are the first person to be thrashed in any traffic jams”, he said.

It made me think how difficult it really is for those who are in this business helping so many people commute so well in difficult times, and yet they are the ones who are treated as if they don’t have any dignity.

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