Calling Ourselves Educated


Today I came home by Uber, I generally travel by bike which is pretty convenient in Jamia Nagar area because traffic jams never affected my routine. On the other hand, it is really difficult for a cab to pass through this area, no wonder many people claim we(as a Muslim community) are backward. It took us 45 minutes to cover only 2 kilometers and the reason was only a few people who didn’t know what they were doing.

Our mindset defines the actions we take and the way we live our life is directly proportional to how conscious we are of our surroundings.

Visit Jamia Nagar and you can witness the underdeveloped nature of people who live here. The reason there’s so much chaos in this region is because people have a very self-centered nature and everyone is thinking only about themselves. Education is not about getting a degree, it’s about becoming a learner for life, it’s about having a place in the heart for others, it’s about putting your feet in other people’s shoes to get their point of view.

Parking on the roads and blocking the road reflects that we have missed something as a community big time. Throwing garbage in an open area for so long reflects that we are okay with that. People of Jamia Nagar think it’s the MLA’s duty to solve their problems. Things will not change until we are conscious enough to solve our own problems.

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