Chatter of The Masses

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Remember the time when you met a relative after a long time who has just visited your hometown?

Noise is technically defined as random fluctuations that do not contain meaningful data or other information.

Talking about people,their lives, and opinion is just noise. We are surrounded with people who practice this incessantly. Yeah, once in a while it is nice to know about people and their lives whom you are related with but making a habit to only talk about people and their lives is not going to help you in any way.

Today’s visit was fruitful however because I got to know about so many things that are happening in my hometown but I wouldn’t discuss anything with anyone anymore about it because it’s all noise. Bob Proctor, calls it the chatter of the masses and says that it does not contain any relevant information and it only wastes time. At the same time talking about people is only acceptable if by any chance it motivates you in any way or if you can learn something out of it.

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