Energy If Not Channeled Properly


Energy if not channeled properly lead to disaster.

There’s a reason why there are so many black hat hackers in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, and other war-torn countries. The students in these countries are not able to channelize their energies in a proper way. Instead of working productively for the society and creating something, they start working on destructing things to gain attention and recognition. The government in these countries are incompetent to provide any support to these people so they set out on their own and do whatever they like to do to gain significance in the world.

Today I met a very ambitious person who has set out to do greater good to the society but doing it in his own ways. Being naive is in the default nature of being human. The good thing, however, was that he listened and took advice from people who were wiser than him which is quite rare nowadays. It was really nice meeting this gentleman, and I wish him all the very best for this future endeavors.

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